Eric Baus on Barbara Guest

Thanks to a post on the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet blog, I just came across this piece by the poet Eric Baus on the Lost Roads Press site, about one of his favorite poems by Barbara Guest.  Baus writes that “Guest’s poem ‘Saving Tallow’ from her book The Blue Stairs plays in my head on repeat, in small patches, almost daily.”

Baus’s post is part of a Lost Roads Press project called “Lines” — here’s how they describe it: “Twice a month we are asking writers to choose lines from someone else’s work that make them stop, that make them itch, that stay with them through the hours/days/years. Then in 500 words or less, we are asking them to tell us why.”

Baus also wrote previously about his love of Guest’s work in a piece for the Poetry Society of America, which can be found here — particularly her wonderful poem “An Emphasis Falls on Reality” (one of my favorite Guest poems too).  The piece begins:

Reading and listening to Barbara Guest’s poetry never fails to make me want to write.  Her poem “An Emphasis Falls on Reality” is new to me each time I read it because I experience it as a complex and constantly shifting environment.  Suggested landscapes come and go. Images appear, transform, and pass through abstract language into further transformations.

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