James Schuyler to Frank O’Hara, 60 years ago today (at the American Reader)

Frank O'Hara (left) and James Schuyler,

Frank O’Hara (left) and James Schuyler,

To mark this “day in lettres,” the American Reader has posted a characteristically witty and warm letter that James Schuyler sent to Frank O’Hara on January 15, 1954, taken from the wonderful little book The Letters of James Schuyler to Frank O’Hara, edited by William Corbett (Turtle Point Press, 2006).

At the time, O’Hara was temporarily living with Larry Rivers and his family in Southampton, New York, and Schuyler was in the city.  The letter isn’t about anything important — just some chatter about day-to-day affairs, but in a way, that adds to its intimacy and charm.  Schuyler reports about a $5 check of O’Hara’s that bounced, the prospect of his moving to the Chelsea Hotel (where Schuyler would live for many years much later), and his enthusiasm about seeing a Jane Bowles’ play (In the Summer House), before signing off “Remember me to the sea our mother.”

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