Roundup of Recent Links (1/22/14)

There is much more going on out there in poetry-land than I can adequately keep up with on this humble blog, so I thought I would periodically gather together some recent links that might be of interest and post them in a single post.  Here are a few:

— John Yau’s “Why I Am a Member of the Ron Padgett Fan Club,” an appreciative post on Padgett’s Collected Poems.

— Ron Padgett reads the poem “Spots” and discusses it for the PBS Newshour.

— Ron Padgett’s Collected Poems reviewed by Andrew Field at The Rumpus.

— Another review of Frank O’Hara’s recently republished Poems Retrieved at The Quarterly Conversation, by Erika Jo Brown.

— Adam Fitzgerald’s “Right at Home: On John Ashbery’s Hudson House and Its Collections,” a catalog essay for the “John Ashbery Collects” exhibit that was held in New York this past year.

Anthony Madrid’s notes on reading John Ashbery’s book Planisphere, posted at Jacket2.

— An interview with Alice Notley, conducted by Claudia Keelan, at Tremolo magazine.

Julien Poirier’s piece on Harriet about amateurism, professionalism, and poetry, includes an anecdote about a formative encounter he once had with Kenneth Koch:

At Columbia, though I didn’t take his poetry class, I met Kenneth Koch. Kenneth didn’t like me for some reason. One day on campus I pulled up alongside him, in his long striped scarf and amazing windblown presence, and asked him, “Hey, I’m a poet, and I’m trying to figure out how to get my work out there and I’m wondering what you think is a good way to do that.”

It was a disingenuous question, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to actually be able to answer it. I just wanted an excuse to talk to him.

He stared down at me like I was a bug. “Give it to your friends,” he said.

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