Alice Notley Symposium: Alette in Oakland

This weekend, the Bay Area Public School is hosting a big symposium on the work of Alice Notley in Oakland, California.  The event features a great line-up of readers and speakers, including Notley herself, a keynote talk by Eileen Myles, and panels featuring poets and critics like Maggie Nelson, Marcella Durand, Kaplan Harris, Cathy Wagner, Cassandra Gillig, and Bernadette Mayer (who will be attending virtually).

Here’s the schedule, in case you’re in the Bay Area, or just so you can experience it vicariously:

FRIDAY 10.24:

7:30pm-9:00pm Introduction & Reading by Alice Notley

9:00pm-10:00pm Reception


10:00am-11:30am Panel No. 1 & Q&A

Maggie Nelson, Sara Larsen, Laura Moriarty, Norman Fischer

11:45am-1:15pm Panel No. 2 & Q&A
Allison Cobb, Marcella Durand**, Laura Woltag & Lauren Levin, Brenda Iijima**

1:15pm-2:15pm Lunch

2:15pm-3:45pm Panel No. 3 & Q&A
Kaplan Harris, Steve Dickison, Jeanine Webb, Jennifer Karmin & Bernadette Mayer**

4:00pm-5:30pm Panel No. 4 & Q&A
Becca Klaver, Trisha Low, Cassandra Gillig, Cathy Wagner

5:30pm-6:00pm Keynote Talk: Eileen Myles

6:00pm-8:00pm Dinner

8:00pm-9:00pm A performance of “Anne’s White Glove”
by Alice Notley, directed by Alana Siegel

SUNDAY 10.26:

10:00am-11:30am Panel No. 5 & Q&A
Anne Boyer** Alana Siegel, Others TBA

11:30am-12:30pm Lunch

12:30pm-2:00pm Town Hall with Alice Notley

*This schedule is subject to change

**Participating virtually

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