Frank Lima’s Inventory Reviewed in the Chicago Tribune


At the Chicago Tribune, there is a review by Jake Marmer of the new collection of Frank Lima’s work (which I wrote about here).  Marmer notes that the book, published by City Lights, “spans the lifetime of this enigmatic poet, who fell in love with writing as an inmate in a juvenile rehab; went on to form friendships and apprenticeships with Frank O’Hara, Kenneth Koch and Allen Ginsberg; published a few volumes; battled addictions; was married five times; became a high-profile chef; and wrote a great deal of material that hasn’t been published anywhere until now.”

Marmer writes that “for many readers, this is an introduction to Lima’s work, and it was an excellent decision on the publisher’s part to include three essays to help contextualize the material. The two opening essays, by editors [Garrett] Caples and Julien Poirier respectively, provide the first instance of Lima’s comprehensive critical biography, meticulously cobbled through research and interviews with Lima’s friends, colleagues, and family members. An essay by [David] Shapiro bookends the collection, offering — in addition to insightful critique and close readings — personal memories of the poet.”

You can read the rest of the review here.


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