Frank O’Hara Exhibition in London: “Why I Am Not a Painter”

If you’re lucky enough to be in London over the next month, check out the new exhibition devoted to Frank O’Hara at the Poetry Library at the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank, which would seem to be another sign of O’Hara’s increasing prominence in England and his ongoing influence on British poetry.

The show is on from January 26 to March 6.  Here’s the description:

Frank O’Hara died 50 years ago and would have turned 90 this year. This exhibition celebrates one of the most original and compelling poets of the 20th century. Drawing on the library’s extensive holdings, Why I Am Not a Painter reveals the collaborative energy and speed of O’Hara’s creative output and presents a rare opportunity to see a signed O’Hara book.

In addition to print materials there is also a chance to hear an audio recording of O’Hara reading, a video filmed just before his accidental death, and publications with illustrations from artists Michael Goldberg and Larry Rivers.

More information can be found here.

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