The Day Frank Died: O’Hara’s New York Apartments

It’s the 50th anniversary of Frank O’Hara’s death, 11 days after Bastille day, yes, “so I go for a walk among the hum-colored cabs,” and visit 3 of the 4 apartments O’Hara lived in during his time in New York.

First, 90 University Place, where O’Hara lived from 1957 to 1959. Here’s the door and the plaque that adorns it:

(I wrote a bit about this apartment and the plaque a while back, here).

Next, the apartment in the East Village, at 441 E. 9th St., just off Avenue A and Tompkins Square Park.  In 2014, this apartment was given its own plaque as well, as I discussed a couple of years ago.

The building is being renovated and these are the notices on the front door:

The entrance to O’Hara’s apartment is about 3 doorways down, towards the end of the large white building on the right side of the street:

Lastly, I walked by the ghost of the final place O’Hara lived in New York, the apartment he was living in when he died in 1966.  O’Hara lived at 791 Broadway, between E. 10th and E. 11th, across from the beautiful Grace Church.  A few years ago the building was torn down and replaced by a luxury condo building.  It’s the smaller white building in this photograph:

And here, for good measure, is the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, which has done so much to keep O’Hara’s memory and legacy alive:

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