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Mark Halliday on Kenneth Koch and the “Fun of Being a Poet”

The poet and critic Mark Halliday, who has written several good, important essays on Kenneth Koch in the past, has a new essay in the Summer 2014 issue of Pleaides, which was posted by Poetry Daily a couple days ago as one … Continue reading

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Tim Keane on Frank O’Hara, at the Brooklyn Rail

Yet another piece on Frank O’Hara and his relevance to today’s culture and poetry has just been published — this one by Tim Keane at the Brooklyn Rail.  It’s a good, smart, substantial overview of O’Hara’s work and career, as well as … Continue reading

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“Traveling Furiously Toward You”: John Ashbery and the Arts

Jacket2 recently posted “Traveling furiously toward you: John Ashbery and the arts,” an exciting new feature devoted to Ashbery’s work. Starting with the premise that for Ashbery “poetry and painting are set in an interlinked relation of the arts, with music, dance, movies, … Continue reading

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Jasper Bernes’s essay on John Ashbery, labor, and capitalism

In the current issue of the scholarly journal Modern Language Quarterly, there is an illuminating new essay on John Ashbery by the critic and poet Jasper Bernes (university subscription required, alas).  In “John Ashbery’s Free Indirect Labor,” Bernes argues that Ashbery’s early work … Continue reading

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Memories of a “Child of the New York School”: Katherine Koch’s new essay

I was excited to see that Kenneth Koch’s daughter, Katherine Koch, has published an affecting memoir about her childhood in the journal Hanging Loose, which, fortunately, was just posted on Poetry Daily.  It’s a lovely, impressionistic piece about Koch’s father, … Continue reading

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The New York School’s Influence and the Case of Matthew Dickman

Nowadays, the New York School’s influence can be found all over contemporary poetry, for better or worse.  If you’re interested in the “worse” side of the argument, Tony Hoagland made that case a couple of years ago in a piece … Continue reading

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Nostalgia (or Not) for The Cedar Tavern

Another Frank O’Hara sighting in the news.  In a recent New York Times op-ed titled “Bye-Bye Bohemia,” Lee Siegel pondered the fate of the Cedar Tavern, the legendary hangout of the Abstract Expressionist painters and New York School poets in … Continue reading

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