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John and Elizabeth’s Excellent Adventure: Bishop and Ashbery

                                  It’s well-known that Elizabeth Bishop was a major influence on John Ashbery and that he adored her work.  The two poets even got to know … Continue reading

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John Yau on “A Centenary Celebration” of Rudy Burckhardt

In “The Wonderful World of Rudy Burckhardt,” at Hyperallergic, John Yau reviews an exhibit of Burckhardt’s work, which is currently showing at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery in New York (November 29, 2014–January 17, 2015).  Although not as well-known as some … Continue reading

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A. O. Scott on Kissing, the Movies, and Frank O’Hara

In his article “A Brief History of Kissing in Movies” in this upcoming Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, the film critic A. O. Scott argues that “movies have always been about sex and have always provided, under cover of harmless amusement, the tools … Continue reading

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Alex Katz’s Birthday and “The New”

The Allen Ginsberg Project has a good, typically link-rich post up today in honor of the painter Alex Katz’s 87th birthday.  (I’ve written before about Katz and his close ties to New York School poetry here and here). Among other things, it … Continue reading

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“Lana Faints; In Hospital”: A Visual Footnote for Frank O’Hara’s “Poem (Lana Turner has collapsed)”

“Poem (Lana Turner has collapsed!)” is one of Frank O’Hara’s funniest and best-loved poems.  With its campy treatment of a tabloid headline about a glamorous celebrity facing adversity, it’s often cited as an example of O’Hara’s embrace of pop culture … Continue reading

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“The kismet of this TV night”: Frank O’Hara on Television

In 2008, many Frank O’Hara fans were pleasantly surprised when his poetry was given a big cameo in the acclaimed television show Mad Men.  But that wasn’t the last of O’Hara finding his way onto TV in recent years. A … Continue reading

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Rare footage of Frank O’Hara, Allen Ginsberg, and Amiri Baraka reading in 1959*

Via the Allen Ginsberg Project, I just learned of the existence of some rare, but apparently now-available, footage by the experimental filmmaker Jonas Mekas that features Frank O’Hara, Allen Ginsberg, Amiri Baraka (then LeRoi Jones), and Ray Bremser giving a … Continue reading

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John Ashbery and the Movies

I recently noted that the Los Angeles Review of Book‘s new series on “Poets at the Movies” borrows its title (“But What About the Soul?”) and raison d’etre from the movie-obsessed poetry of Frank O’Hara. Everyone knows about O’Hara’s passionate … Continue reading

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“Poets at the Movies” and the Spirit of Frank O’Hara (at Los Angeles Review of Books)

The Los Angeles Review of Books has just begun a series that they’re calling “But What About the Soul: Poets at the Movies.”  Fans of Frank O’Hara will recognize the title, which comes from a line in “Ave Maria,” one of his best … Continue reading

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