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When Frank (O’Hara) Met Marlene (Dietrich)

                          As everyone knows, Frank O’Hara was an unabashed, passionate fan of the movies — and of movie stars.  He stanned James Dean and Greta Garbo and Lana … Continue reading

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Frank O’Hara, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and the Evolution of Lunch Poems

w There’s been a lot of welcome attention lately to the 50th anniversary of Frank O’Hara’s 1964 book Lunch Poems, including a star-studded group reading of the book at the Poetry Project the other night.  As I mentioned before, City Lights … Continue reading

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“To ashbery,” “to kenneth,” and “to brainard”: Poets’ Names as Verbs

If you could turn the names of your friends, or your favorite poets, into verbs, what actions would they signify?  What would it mean, for instance, “to keats,” “to plath,” or “to ashbery”? In a playful 1969 letter to Bill Berkson, James Schuyler … Continue reading

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POET BURNS 200 NEXT SUNDAY: Kenneth Koch, John Ashbery, and Robert Burns

In honor of Robert Burns Night — the celebration for the Scottish poet that is commemorated annually on the poet’s birthday, January 25 — here’s an amusing snippet from a letter Kenneth Koch sent to John Ashbery on January 27, … Continue reading

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James Schuyler to Frank O’Hara, 60 years ago today (at the American Reader)

To mark this “day in lettres,” the American Reader has posted a characteristically witty and warm letter that James Schuyler sent to Frank O’Hara on January 15, 1954, taken from the wonderful little book The Letters of James Schuyler to Frank … Continue reading

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