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Frank O’Hara’s “For Bob Rauschenberg,” on His Birthday

Today is the birthday of the groundbreaking painter Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008), who would’ve turned 91 today.  Rauschenberg, who Frank O’Hara once called “the enfant terrible of the New York School,” was of course both a good friend and inspiration to O’Hara, Ashbery, and their circle … Continue reading

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“Schuyler today and the students” by Kate Angus

   Today’s “Poem-a-Day” posted by the Academy of American Poets site is a lovely poem by Kate Angus called “Schuyler today and the students.” It’s about an experience a relatively small number of us know quite well — teaching the poetry of James Schuyler … Continue reading

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On Ashes’s Birthday — Frank O’Hara Writes “To John Ashbery”

  Today is John Ashbery’s 89th birthday, and for the occasion, here are two poems Ashbery’s close friend Frank O’Hara wrote for him over 60 years ago. Over the nearly twenty years of their friendship, O’Hara wrote many poems dedicated to … Continue reading

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Frank O’Hara, 50 Years On: “The Wings of an Extraordinary Liberty”

Frank O’Hara died 50 years ago today, on July 25, 1966, after being struck by a dune buggy on Fire Island.  The Poetry Foundation has published a piece of mine that traces the rather remarkable arc of O’Hara’s posthumous reputation. Though it … Continue reading

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James Schuyler’s “June 30, 1974” and the Poetics of Everyday Life

In honor of today’s date, I thought I’d post “June 30, 1974,” a poem by James Schuyler which was written 42 years ago today.  The poem describes an early summer morning in the Hamptons at the home of his close friend, … Continue reading

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Frank O’Hara Celebrates Dancing at a Gay Bar

In the midst of all the horror and great sadness about the tragedy that occurred in Orlando last night at the gay bar Pulse, I keep thinking of a poem Frank O’Hara wrote in 1955 called “At the Old Place.” This daring piece is one … Continue reading

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Frank O’Hara, “Memorial Day 1950”

Picasso made me tough and quick, and the world;just as in a minute plane trees are knocked downoutside my window by a crew of creators.Once he got his axe going everyone was upsetenough to fight for the last ditch and … Continue reading

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James Schuyler: “Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s …”

“Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s,” James Schuyler wrote in a poem 41 years ago today.  “Tomorrow I’ll think about / that.”  The poem (which one of my grad students, the poet Paige Lewis, reminded me of today) appeared as  part of Schuyler’s … Continue reading

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An Illustrated Version of Ron Padgett’s “How to Be Perfect” for the New Year

Timed for the New Year, the Paris Review has posted the first ten lines of an illustrated version of Ron Padgett’s poem “How To Be Perfect” under the title “Resolutions.”  The charming illustrations are by the artist Jason Novak:   … Continue reading

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On Frank O’Hara’s “To the Harbormaster” and Larry Rivers

The Paris Review posted this 2011 piece by Olivia Cole again today: it’s a brief look at the relationship between Frank O’Hara and Larry Rivers, and the beautiful poem “To the Harbormaster” that O’Hara wrote about Rivers.  It begins: Lately I’ve been … Continue reading

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