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Laura Kasischke on Alice Notley’s “Descent of Alette”: “radioactive, dangerous, addictive, all-consuming”

Each month, Poetry magazine posts a “Reading List,” in which contributors to the current issue share some books that held their interest.  In the May installment, Laura Kasischke offers a rave review of Alice Notley’s masterful, book-length poem, The Descent of … Continue reading

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Frank O’Hara as Pac-Man, Ingesting the World

In the current New Yorker, there’s an excellent review by Dan Chiasson of two recent books by Rachel Zucker that connects her work to, among other poets, Frank O’Hara. (I recently posted about Zucker and the influence of Alice Notley, who Chiasson also mentions). … Continue reading

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Rachel Zucker on Alice Notley and Her Influence

The poet Rachel Zucker pays tribute to Alice Notley on the blog Literary Mothers, which gathers short essays on female literary influence.  She recalls the serendipity of her first discovery of Notley: “At [James] Schuyler’s San Diego archives I called up … Continue reading

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