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The Weather on 2/9/62: A Footnote for Frank O’Hara’s “Poem (Lana Turner has collapsed)”

On this day (February 9) in 1962, Frank O’Hara was on his way to give a poetry reading at Wagner College, with the much more famous poet Robert Lowell (who O’Hara viewed as a stuffy, mandarin rival) when he saw … Continue reading

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A Note on Robert Lowell and Frank O’Hara

Today is the 100th birthday of Robert Lowell, which has sparked a little flurry of attention to Lowell and his legacy, as has a new book by Kay Redfield Jamison on Lowell’s struggles with bipolar illness and its relationship to his poetry, … Continue reading

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“Lana Faints; In Hospital”: A Visual Footnote for Frank O’Hara’s “Poem (Lana Turner has collapsed)”

“Poem (Lana Turner has collapsed!)” is one of Frank O’Hara’s funniest and best-loved poems.  With its campy treatment of a tabloid headline about a glamorous celebrity facing adversity, it’s often cited as an example of O’Hara’s embrace of pop culture … Continue reading

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Billie Holiday, Darryl Pinckney, and reciting O’Hara while “completely blotto”

Last week, in honor of the July 17th anniversary of the day Billie Holiday died (also known hereabouts as the day Frank O’Hara wrote “The Day Lady Died”), several tributes to Lady Day popped up around the web.  Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan … Continue reading

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