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Frank O’Hara and Indie Punk (Having a Coke with Martha)

Longtime readers of this blog probably know I’m always on the lookout for moments when Frank O’Hara or other poets of the New York School pop up in the world of music.  O’Hara, especially, continues to haunt the history and … Continue reading

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Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore Talks Poetry with Daniel Kane

The musician Thurston Moore — one of the founders of the groundbreaking experimental rock band Sonic Youth — has deep and long-standing ties to the New York School of poets, and to avant-garde poetics more broadly.  After all, he did recently record a song called “Frank O’Hara … Continue reading

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Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and “Frank O’Hara Hit”

Move over Mad Men, it’s indie rock’s turn to namecheck Frank O’Hara.  In another (very welcome) sign of O’Hara’s continuing afterlife in some surprising corners of pop culture, a few months back Thurston Moore — one of the founding members … Continue reading

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Frank O’Hara’s Poems Retrieved Reprinted by City Lights

Great news for fans of Frank O’Hara — the long out-of-print yet essential volume of O’Hara’s work, Poems Retrieved, has just been reissued by City Lights.  Hopefully this means we will soon be seeing sparkling new editions of Standing Still and … Continue reading

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