Andrew Epstein
Associate Professor
Department of English
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL  32306


FSU webpage:

On Twitter: @AndrewEpstein3

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Dear Andrew Epstein,
    How do you do. Thank you for your informative and much-needed site on all things NY School!
    And thanks to Mark Statman’s fb link which clued me in.
    Just to offer some NYS links:
    is a feature edited by Vincent Katz comprised of a set of essays on the work of Joe Ceravolo on the occasion of the publication of the new Collected. I would like to add that my own piece on JC’s work is amiss for not referencing the excellent essay by co-authors Patrick Masterson and Paul Stephens, “Spring in the World of Mad Angels: The Poetry of Joseph Ceravolo” which appeared in Don’t Ever Get Famous, ed. by Daniel Kane.

    And here’s a listing of the forthcoming conference in Brusells on the work of Alice Notley and Pierre Joris.
    International Poetry Seminar
    Moving Back and Forth between Poetry as/and Translation:
    Nomadic Travels and Travails with Alice Notley and Pierre Joris
    (7-8 November 2013, Université Libre de Bruxelles

    Thank you again,
    Kimberly Lyons

  2. goodenoughcook says:

    “Here is an excerpt from James Schuyler’s diary on August 5, 1968, 48 years ago today, at Fairfield Porter’s home on Great Spruce Head Island in Maine:

    Blue, with a few sharp streaks of white. The water is making its knitting noise, Lizzie [Porter] and Katherine [Koch] are talking on the floor in front of the fireplace, where they slept on quilts after Bruno woke them up at 6 and they in turn woke me. ”

    Who was Bruno?

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